Jacqueline Tiepermann has been painting, when time permitted, most of her life. She primarily worked on commissions for foyers of public buildings, hotels and apartments for a Sydney developer before moving to Melbourne in 1992. In 2008 Jacqueline moved into a small studio in which to work, holding her first solo exhibition "Viaggio" at Brightspace Gallery in Melbourne. Simon Plant wrote in the Herald Sun of the 2010 Brightspace exhibition “the whole space brimmed with colour and movement, the works abounding with a vibrancy that seemed to transmit a celebration of life that was not unlike Matisse's painting La Danse (1910)”.

Grace Longato, Curator and Arts writer, wrote Tiepermann's large-scale “Viaggio” paintings excite our visual senses, drawing us in with her application of exhilarating colours and textures. On closer inspection we become aware of how carefully considered these layers of colours are placed. Various textures are described by her to depict the "winds of change" these, combined with other formal elements, produce highly coded symbols, built according to her internal logic.'

This internal logic is a consistent characteristic running through all of Jacqueline’s work. Her artist statements for each of her bodies of work “Viaggio” “Nushi” “Wallaroy” “Reason Season Lifetime” & “Windows” attest to Longato’s review.

Other solo shows followed - Queensland 2012 and Becker Minty (BM) in Sydney 2014. BM held a massive show “Nushi” at Yellow House Gallery 2015 and subsequently another in 2016. Jacqueline’s work was then shown at George Billis in Los Angeles, as well as Laguna Beach Gallery of Contemporary Art 2017. Manyung Gallery in Melbourne held a solo 2019. Jacqueline was planning a solo show at K Imperial Fine Art in San Francisco for her current "Windows" body of work. Unfortunately due to COVID San Francisco was cancelled and all the work produced for the show was sold to collectors. Jacqueline is currently building another body of work under the "Windows" umbrella with a location and date yet to be established

Jacqueline says, 'We believe we live in the world when in fact the world lives in each of us.' From harbour side daydreaming as a Sydney schoolgirl, to screen-printing at the age of fourteen for the renowned designer Florence Broadhurst, to becoming an established artist whose pieces are collected across the globe. Adding to this, her success in the world of fashion and commerce, demonstrates her enormous capability to focus that allowed her to exist in two worlds that were so diametrically opposed.

Jacqueline is a full-time artist represented by Becker Minty (Sydney), Manyung Gallery (Melbourne), and Pop Fine Art (Los Angeles). Her studio is in “Beller House” in Melbourne, Australia.

Further updates are available on her social media pages.