Jacqueline Tiepermann has been painting, when time permitted, most of her life. She primarily worked on commissions for foyers of public buildings, hotels and apartments for a Sydney developer. Then in 2010 she held her first solo exhibition called "Viaggio" held at Brightspace in Melbourne. Other solo shows followed in Queensland in 2012, Becker Minty in Sydney 2014, Yellow House Gallery in Sydney 2015, Becker Minty in Sydney 2016, and the George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles (2017). Most recently Jacquelines's paintings have been exhibited at the Manyung Gallery in Melbourne (2019). Learn more about Jacqueline here






WALLAROY (2017-20)

       Reason, Season, Lifetime



WINDOWS (2019-22)













**Site Navigation** 'Tap an image to navigate to the indicated body of work'         UPDATES  SOLD - Wallaroy XVII Oil on Linen - 96x83cm (2018)... SOLD - Windows VIII Oil Paint & Metal on Canvas 51 x 51 cm (2021)... SOLD - Bourne Paint Oil on Cotton 122x81.5cm (2007)... SOLD - Nushi II Oil on Paper 77x110cm framed (2015).... SOLD - Windows IV Oil & Metal on Linen 165cmx145cm (2020).... SOLD - Windows VII Oil, Metal on Linen 55cmx55cm (2020).... SOLD - 'Sounds of Silence' - Oil on Linen 152cm x 169cm. 2020 Submission for the 'Wynne Prize - Art Gallery NSW'. View the painting here..... Sold Windows V Oil and metal on Linen - 96x84cm (2020).....Sold Windows III Oil on Linen - 96x84cm (2019).....Sold Windows II Oil on Linen - 96x84cm (2019).....Sold Wallaroy XIX and XX Diptych' Oil on Linen - both 96.5x84cm (2019).....Sold Wallaroy XXIV Oil on Linen - 165x145 cm (2019).....Sold 'Reason Season Lifetime' Painting II Oil on Linen - 178x122 cm (2017-9)..... Solo Show at Manyung Gallery - 8 Claremont Ave, Malvern, Melbourne. Sold 'Reason Season Lifetime I' Oil on Paper - 92x73cm - Box framed (2018)..... Sold 'Wallaroy XVIII' Oil on Linen - 96x83cm (2018)





 The Toymaker - Oil on Linen - 117 x 113cm - (2022).   2022 Archibald Prize entrant - Click here






NUSHI (2015)


VIAGGIO (2014)













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