The body of work called Viaggio is my autobiography. It uses water and, now, a new element of botanical has been introduced as dialogue. The Roman numerals which differentiate each painting allow the observer to draw upon their own history and opinion of the work, rather than be indoctrinated by my voyage.

This latest group of paintings span a specific five year time line and it is also the first time that two paintings are joined as one, each story being inextricably linked to the other. The emotional stories relating to this time line talk about lessons learnt regarding the vast difference between our desire of the moment and our desire of the heart. The intent of an active imagination is to heal the psyche through self-understanding; I also speak of occurrences becoming meaningful events, because they carry with them the ability to communicate love, central to survival during this point in time.

Producing Viaggio is giving me a deeper understanding of my spiritual surroundings, which seems to happen in degrees, opening the door to who I am, and, of course, how these incidents, being the stories I've painted, have shaped my life. It has also highlighted the deep sense of our ultimate connectedness we have to each other. I am a story teller who is reflecting on life. In a world that is fast paced, I encourage the viewer through this body of work to decelerate, immerse, examine and reflect on one's own history. I chose my history as opposed to my dreams. As my Grandmother used to say "If you want to make G-d laugh, tell him your plans!"

If you are going to accomplish your mission in this world, you must know it's not about where you are going, but about the changes you go through in order to get there.... creating this body of work has been, as it is perpetual, a life altering experience and it could not be more personal.

Jacqueline Tiepermann