Entrant to the 'Portia Geach Memorial Award 2024'

Artist's statement by Jacqueline Tiepermann:

“Candid Conversation”

Commissioned as a face portrait to be a gift from a mutual friend, my first impression when meeting Lisa, was WOW! Dressed in an aquamarine silk slip, shoulders and arms covered by a shrug, fishnet stockings exposing legs covered in body art, finished off donning the most fabulous sneakers with a big ribbon bow.

Lisa's story unfolded post-luncheon in her quintessentially feminine Edwardian apartment. In pride of place stood a screen featuring a unicorn, predominantly emphasizing her femininity and strength in Pride colours.

Our initial discussion happened to align with a British anti Trans advocate speaking outside Parliament House Melbourne, where a scene with far-right extremists and LGBTQ protesters clashed. During this dialogue Lisa expressed her fears for future trans generations.

As we settled, the chatter digressed to her social life, the seriousness of previous dialogue gone, her demeanour transformed as it turned to “Trance Music" and clubbing with friends! An enlightening evening a few weeks later in Lisa’s vividly coloured world was awesome. However, after trawling through captured photos, I knew there was a decidedly larger narrative.

Weeks passed processing our conversations, it was time for her first studio visit. Settled into a comfortable chair a five-hour sitting ensued. Having earned Lisa’s trust, she recounted her remarkable story – truly, it was a portrayal akin to a Craig Silverly novel!

Always cognisant of Lisa’s body language, I had become acutely aware of her recurrent hand and body language. The commission of her face as a gift went out the window. I had my pose, there was a story to be told about brevity, love, relationships and bigotry.

Lisa emerges as a formidable yet compassionate woman. She is an affectionate parent to two daughters. The resulting portrait, "Candid Conversation," captures the plethora of her remarkable life, leaving me honoured, enriched, and proud to now call her friend.

Lisa Maro

Portia Geach Memorial Award 2024' entry - 'Candid Conversation' - Oil on Linen 140cm x 104cm

Lisa Maro

Portia Geach Memorial Award 2024' entry - a close up

Lisa Maro

Portia Geach Memorial Award 2024' entry - a close up

Jacqueline Tiepermann